Many of us like our friend on the right have experienced the stress and frustrations caused by a slow, non responsive computer or worse a complete system failure such as the dreaded blue screen of death! Well panic over, DMC Repairs is here to help you through these situations and restore order to your computer nightmare!

Feeling a little slow..? Vista not all it cracked up to be? Don't want to spend hundreds on a newer computer..? Save yourself a small fortune and ASK ABOUT OUR UPGRADE SERVICES for laptops and desktops.

We offer our services in the comfort of your own home and have an extensive range of services to suit your individual requirements. if we cannot resolve in house or time does not permit it we offer cosllection and return at NO EXTRA CHARGE. Contact us now by clicking here for a no obligation quote.

Sometimes you may not need a home visit, be it advice on a purchase or a simple problem that we can help you with. e-mail us at We will help as best we can and it won't cost you a penny!


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